We know you're so done with diets that don't last. We are, too.
But you still want to live a healthy balanced life... You're in the right place, mama! 
2 balanced eating courses
private support community
exclusive resources
monthly group coaching
We believe every mom is a supermom.
You deserve to feel like one, too.

The Supermama Society is the only balanced eating group coaching membership designed by and for busy moms.

Does this sound like you?

You feel like you're constantly in an on-again, off-again relationship with

healthy living...

You want to live a healthier life, and find that elusive balance...

But you've tried everything under the sun to eat well and live well, but

nothing really sticks (you're worried this will be the same)...


You've tried intuitive eating, but you just ate everything in sight...

If you're admitting it, you feel run down and exhausted more often than not...

You wish you could just enjoy food again without thinking about whether it's

good or bad. 

You want to show your kids what it looks like to have a balanced

relationship with food.

You wish there were other women out there who understand what it's like to want to ditch the all-or-nothing cycle and live a balanced life.

...the Supermama Society was made for you! 



Waking up each day with energy and excitement to start your day (ok, let's be real- most days!)

Not feeling stressed around food, working out or whether or not you enjoyed that extra glass of wine after the kids went to bed.

But also... 

Feeling confident in your body and the choices you make around food and movement.

Having a routine that feels just right for you and your life. 

Sleeping well, eating in a way that feels good- without having to constantly think about it.

Feeling satisfied with your food, and actually liking the food you eat!

Not feeling guilt or shame about saying yes to dessert, or crazy cravings when you say no.

If meal planning, ​grocery shopping and food prep became a part of of your routine... and you didn't hate it. 


What if eating well and living well actually felt easy?

Healthy Salad

I know what you might be thinking...

"I've joined these things in the past, and I just don't have time to keep up with it..."

"I always stick with it for it a while, but it never lasts- how is this any different?"

"I want to eat healthy, but I don't have time to prepare complicated meals,"

"Is this just another scheme to get me to buy an expensive superfood powder?"
(Spoiler alert: definitely nope!)

What makes the Society different:

Because we focus on habits and mindset change, not calories and macros that stress you out (and take away from living your actual life) or expensive drinks that only make you feel good when you're using them (and suck your wallet dry), the Supermama Society teaches you how to create a lifelong healthy relationship with food and your body to embrace balanced eating with ease with a supportive community at your side to help you get there.

In the Supermama Society, we're about progress over perfection, habits over willpower and mindset over macros.

How you'll get there:

Two self-paced courses:

The tools and skills you need to create a healthy relationship with food and learn to become a balanced eater, for life-- at your own pace. 

Monthly Group Coaching Calls:

Twice monthly optional group coaching calls (via Zoom) based on a topic, or for support, wherever you're at in your journey. 

Encouraging Community:

Connect with other Supermamas in our private Facebook group! This a safe space to both celebrate your successes and share your struggles with other women on the same path to food freedom and balanced eating, plus ask questions for our monthly live Q + A.

1:1 Support:
Gain one-on-one support from one of our trained health coaches! Schedule a free initial goal setting call as soon as you jump in as a member, and schedule additional calls at a reduced rate whenever you need a little extra support.

Exclusive Resources:

Over 80 Recipes, balanced meal and snack ideas, over 12 e-books on everything from balanced pregnancy to eating on a budget, meal planning, printable worksheets, infographics and more.

Bonus Guest Workshops

Guest workshops from trained experts throughout the year included with your membership!

Easy to use, mobile-friendly member site:
Find everything you need on the go on our mobile-friendly site to listen and learn at home, while you're folding laundry, going for a walk or in the school pickup line. 

"I have loved being in this group! Focusing on one topic per month has helped me to not feel overwhelmed during this time of growth and progress. This is an area where we are striving for lasting changes. No quick fixes! The love and guidance you give helps me feel connected and validated. Because you have been where we are, you are so full of grace and understanding for the struggles we encounter. And when we have a “win”, you’re right there celebrating with us. I am forever grateful to be working with you." -RH

"The supermama society is everything I've been looking for in a wellness resource. The recipes are great, the video and audio content is helpful, the online community is supportive. I love that I can go through the resources whenever I want, at my own pace. Kristin shares her knowledge in such a thoughtful way. The content offered through this program is well worth it!" - Melynda

  • realistic, practical tips for living a healthier life, without dieting

  • mom-centric advice for making healthy living work for your real busy mama life

  • skills to eat intuitively and find your balance- no counting or measuring required

  • recommendations for budget-friendly wellness

  • family-friendly recipes that don't take two hours to make

  • a community of likeminded mamas on a mission to nourish themselves and their families 

  • on-the-go mom-accessible format via video, audio and a mobile-friendly member site

  • calorie, macro, weight and body shame-free zone- you are free to be YOU, without measurement

  • membership options to fit your life and your budget

As a Supermama Society member you will find... 

The best part of living a balanced life?
There is no way you can fail. 

I'm Kris. Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and mama of two. I created the Supermama Society because I want you to have the same energy, love for healthy living and stress-free eating experience as I do, with the support of myself and a community of women excited to do the same. Let's do it- we're in this together!

© 2020 by Kristin Dovbniak for The Supermama Society

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is for information and encouragement only and is not to be construed as a replacement for medical advice or treatment.