I believe you

ARE a super mama.  


it's about time you felt like one.


You're confused by all the noise in the nutrition world.


What is true, and what isn't?

Should I go keto, paleo, plant-based, fast or just forget it?

Most importantly... how do I make changes that will actually last?

And how do I do it without stressing or obsessing?


If you have ever felt stuck in the all-or-nothing mentality around food...  

you want to live a healthier life, without going on another diet... 

and you really WANT to feel like a supermom

(but you don't even know where to begin)...


The Supermama Society was made for you.

have you ever felt...

run down and exhausted in your mama life?

do you want to live a healthier life, and find that elusive balance... but you have no idea where to start

maybe you've tried everything under the sun to eat well and live well, but nothing really sticks. 


Do you feel like you're in an on-again, off-again relationship with healthy living? 

The Supermama Society is a monthly group coaching membership designed to support and empower you in living your healthiest mama life by simplifying nutrition and learning to tune into your intuition to live healthy, beyond dieting.


I have been there, mama, and I want to help you find freedom from the on-again, off-again cycle and learn to eat well and live well, without restriction.


I'm Kris. Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and mama of two. Watch the trailer below to learn more about why I started the Supermama Society and what we're all about. 

n. A mom, or mother figure who cares for and shows up for her family, with energy, enthusiasm and kick-butt superhero-like skills possessed only by someone raising tiny humans. May be seen wearing leggings, a top knot or holding a coffee; comes in every shape and size. Radiates inner beauty. Supernatural strength and tiger-like reflexes. Not to be confused with 'perfect mom'. 



Waking up each day with energy and excitement to start your day (ok, let's be real- most days!)

Not feeling stressed around food, working out or whether or not you enjoyed that extra glass of wine after the kids went to bed.

But also... 

Feeling confident in your body and the choices you make around food and movement.

Having a routine that feels just right for you and your life. 

Sleeping well, eating in a way that feels good- without having to constantly think about it.

Feeling satisfied with your food, and actually liking the food you eat!

Not feeling guilt or shame about saying yes to dessert, or crazy cravings when you say no.

If meal planning, ​grocery shopping and food prep became a part of of your routine... and you didn't hate it. 

Friend- I am here to tell you this is ALL possible. And the Supermama Society is going to help you get there.

The Supermama Society will give you practical advice on wellness from an intuitive eating approach, where YOU are the expert on what feels best in your body, we simply give you the tools and guidance to help you on your way.

What if eating well and living well felt easy? 

The Supermama Society will teach you to un-complicate healthy living and nourish yourself well so you can feel like the Supermama

I KNOW you are. 

As a Supermama Society member you will find... 

  • realistic, practical tips for living a healthier life, without dieting

  • mom-centric advice for making your healthy mama life work for your busy mama life

  • skills to eat intuitively and find your balance- no counting or measuring required

  • recommendations for budget-friendly wellness

  • family-friendly recipes that don't take two hours to make

  • a community of likeminded mamas on a mission to nourish themselves and their families 

  • short but effective workouts to fit YOUR mama life

  • on-the-go mom-accessible format via video, audio and mobile-friendly articles 

  • calorie, macro, weight and body shame-free zone- you are free to be YOU, without measurement

  • membership options to fit your life and your budget

How it works: The Framework

Our Philosophy:

Eating well and living well shouldn't feel like a struggle, and you don't need to go on a diet, follow a strict plan, track macros, calories or points in order to find your beautiful balance, feel awesome and live like the Supermama I know you are.


True balance comes from tuning in, allowing permission to eat all foods, educating yourself on what a healthy balance with food looks like and finding what feels good so you can make empowered choices around your health. You should be in the driver's seat of your food choices, not a plan or a program. Because plans and programs don't know you, your life or what feels good in your body.


You do. 

Balance comes from making empowered decisions around food based on what feels good, for you.


The Supermama Society is here to help you find what feels good, guide you on making informed decisions for your health, give you solid, non-dogmatic nutrition advice and help you develop a healthy relationship with food so the changes you make last and living a healthy mama life feels easy. 

The Supermama System:


We believe true change takes time- but it shouldn't feel like forever, and you shouldn't have to go about it alone. Support and solid resources are essential in creating change that lasts. 


The Supermama System gives you the time and tools you need to make real, lasting change in your health, eating and relationship with food in a supportive environment.


You won't ever feel like you're alone in your journey or like you have no where to turn.


The Supermama Society gives you the opportunity to work with a trained Intuitive Eating Counselor in a group format, so you get your questions answered, new tools, resources and exercises to work on each and every month to grow in your relationship with food, your body and your health at the fraction of the cost of working one-on-one.


Unit 1: Tune Into Your Intuition

In Unit 1, you'll learn the essential tools to tune into your body's innate wisdom around food. Sound woo-woo? It's not. We're all born with intrinsic hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues. Traditional nutrition plans teach us to ignore these cues in favor of counting, tracking and measuring our way to better health. But it's not sustainable, research has proven it doesn't even work long-term and most detrimental, it creates feelings of distrust in your body around making food choices. Rather than relying on outside cues, in this unit, you'll learn to tune into your hunger, fullness and satisfaction, develop trust in your body, overcome overeating and get off the restriction/rebellion cycle around food so you can make peace with food and your body in order to make choices that serve you. You'll begin to learn how to make food choices based on what you value to find your beautiful balance with food and living your healthiest, happiest life. 


Unit 2: Simplify Nutrition

Primed with the skills of mindfulness around food and connection to your body's cues, in Unit 2, you will begin to make simple changes to your nutrition based on what you value about food and health. This unit will help you to simplify nutrition, uncomplicate eating, find balance, moderation and variety in eating and learn to create future goals for your health and nutrition, without restriction. You will also gain the necessary skills to make eating in a way that feels good work in your busy mama life- through meal planning, food prep and budgeting to take the stress out of eating well. 

Each month will cover a new topic, but you'll never feel like your questions go unanswered- with monthly Q+As, and weekly office hours, I am available for you to be right by your side as you work on creating changes that last, whatever it is you're working on. 

Why it works: 

Using Intuitive Eating principles, the Uncomplicated Eating™ framework is the same system I use with one-on-one clients to help them first heal their relationship with food and discover what they want out of their healthy mama life, before digging deep into making changes to their nutrition. This doesn't mean we ignore nutrition-instead, you'll learn learn the essential process of basing your food choices on your values and what you desire out of life is essential to creating changes that not only feel good- but last, ditching the on-again, off-again cycle for good.  With a group coaching approach, you'll get the benefits of flexibility, to work through each unit in your own time, without being bound by a coaching schedule, with the ability to access a trained coach for questions and support throughout your time as a member.

What you'll learn... 

Unit 2: Simplify Nutrition

July: Foundations of Simplified Nutrition

Coming Soon

August: The Science of Hunger + Creating a Balanced Plate

Coming Soon

September: Navigating Nutrition Changes (health challenges, food intolerances + more)

Coming Soon

October: Intuitive meal planning + meal prep

Coming Soon

November: Cultivating positive routines + rituals for a healthier life

Coming Soon

December: Creating positive goals + intentions for the year ahead

Coming Soon

the details...

Join me live or watch the recording the first Monday of every month to learn, be inspired and grow in your journey to living a balanced supermama life.

Short, mobile-friendly audio lessons will reinforce each month's topic, educate and motivate you throughout the week.

Each month's printable workbook will help you work through the concepts we're working on to support and encourage you to take action. 

You'll never have to do it alone. With the support of a community of women by your side, you can join in on the conversation on Facebook, leave questions for our monthly Live Q +A and gain daily support.



weekly short

audio lessons

monthly workbook


exclusive bonuses:

Over 30 real-food recipes at your fingertips, plus brand-new, chef created and family-friendly nourishing recipes for you to enjoy. 

NEW! Workouts + balanced mom-friendly fitness tips from a professional and a mama herself, Heather of Fit Mama Real Food.

Over 12 e-books and mini guides to support you in your journey; meal planning printables, lunchbox template, 15-minute dinners, pregnancy guide and more. 

Bonus videos from Kristin on topics like immune health, stress support, emotional eating, meal prep, goal setting and more. 

real food recipes

mom friendly workouts

e-book + printable library

bonus video content

Mom-friendly Workouts
anytime, anywhere, equipment or no-equipment, 30 minute or less mom-friendly workouts by certified group fitness instructor Heather Englund. 
 one brand new mom-friendly workout each and every month + a library of others included at every plan level, plus balanced fitness tips from a trained fitness instructor and mom of four.  
4-minute yoga preview:

as mamas, I believe we have the power to change the next generation. 

Raising a generation of nourished, empowered kids IS possible- but it starts with us.


  • you're ready to ditch diets and pre-made meal plans but you aren't sure what to do when you do. 

  • you want to make sustainable changes to improve your health but you really love pizza (or ice cream, or beer- insert your favorite food here). 

  • you struggle with guilt and shame when you eat foods you love, but aren't considered 'healthy'. 

  • you've tried to eat intuitively but keep falling back into the world of dieting.  

  • you want to set a good example for your kids, but you're not sure what that even means. 

  • you want to live a healthier life, maintain your weight and feel good enough to run after your kids without having to count or track or fast.

  • you are ready to take control of your emotional eating and finally listen to your body, once and for all- but you're not sure what that even means.   

  • you want to un-complicate eating again, learn what's best for YOUR body and feel like a supermom (at least most days). 


the society is for you.

I don't just want to educate you on living a healthier life. I want to empower you to make the best decisions for you, and your family. 


empower your supermama life. 

join the supermama society today

The supermama society is everything I've been looking for in a wellness resource. The recipes are great, the video and audio content is helpful, the online community is supportive. I love that I can go through the resources whenever I want, at my own pace. Kristin shares her knowledge in such a thoughtful way. The content offered through this program is well worth it!


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meet the team:

Kristin Dovbniak

CNE, Pn1, Cert. Intuitive Eating Counselor

Founder + Lead Nutritionist

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Heather Englund

AFAA Cert. Group Fitness, YogaFit + Les Mills Cert. 


Fitness Expert

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