When I first learned about intuitive eating, my biggest fear was that eating intuitively meant I wouldn't be serving my family well if we didn't eat 100% 'healthy' foods. 

I couldn't have been more wrong.

What I hadn't considered was that stressing about my food choices and obsessing over the size of my jeans already wasn't serving me or my family. 

I also learned that eating intuitively doesn't mean giving up on healthy living.

It simply meant finally stepping into what works for ME.

Tuning in instead of turning outwards to find what works.

And so, I did. 

Now, food? 


It's no longer stressful.

I have the energy to spend with my family.

I'm nourishing my body AND enjoying my food.

I learned it doesn't have to be either-or.

And that's why I want to share this, with you. 

Being an Intuitive Mama means... 

I nourish myself and my family with foods that make us feel good, without stress.

I tune into my body's cues for when and how much I should eat and I'm no longer anxious that my size is going to change dramatically throughout the year.

I have abundant energy from eating enough and the satisfaction of enjoying my food.

I no longer binge on the weekend because I restricted so much during the week.

I've learned to say yes to all types of foods- and no to foods that don't serve me.

I exercise because it's good for me, and it makes me feel good, not because I want to change my body.

I set an example for my kids that food can be fuel, and fun all at once.

I am confident that I am contributing to raising a generation of nourished, empowered eaters.

What will being an Intuitive Mama mean, for you? 

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✔️ Topics include:

  • How to tune in when life feels crazy

  • How to honor your hunger when you feel like you don’t have time

  • How to deal with mom emotions without turning to food

  • How to make peace with ALL foods and still feed your family healthy foods

  • How to respect and nurture your body even when it’s changing 

✔️ 1-2 coordinated worksheets to take action towards becoming an Intuitive Mama


✔️ Daily encouragement from myself and the Healthy Mama tribe through our closed Facebook group

What you'll gain: 

✔️ Practical tools and tangible steps towards tuning into your body, honoring hunger and fullness, choosing satisfying foods and ditching diets without ditching health

✔️ Strategies to learn to cope with emotions without using food 

✔️ The confidence to begin to make peace with all foods while still making choices that serve you and your family 

✔️ Next steps for beginning the process of respecting your body exactly where you are and finding your beautiful balance

Ready? I know you are.


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I'm Kris. 

I'm a holistic nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, wife and mama of two sweet and spunky girls.

I spent way too many years stressing and obsessing over food and my body.

From struggling with an eating disorder in my teens that started with a simple diet, to hiding behind the guise of fitness and health to over-exercise and obsess over my food choices in order to fit into an unrealistic mold, I spent years trapped in the diet industry's lies that in order to live a healthy, fit life, I needed to restrict, track and measure my way to health. 

That obsession kept me from living the life I so desperately desired to live.

One of freedom and pleasure in food and fitness that feels good. I didn't think it was possible. 

But If this girl can make peace with food and find freedom from diets, so can you. 

I'm here to help you break free.

To show you you can live a healthy life- without restriction. You can enjoy your food, and eat it, too.

And you can be the Supermama your kids need you to be (I believe you already are). 

Here's to a life of freedom, friends.


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