AUDIO: Exercise: Intuitive Eating Awareness Training for Satisfaction

This is a powerful exercise that can be done again and again to create awareness around eating, increasing overall satisfaction and identify what parts of a food or meal are actually satisfying. I recommend starting by trying it out once, and then- as I mention in the audio, trying it once a day for six or seven days to become aware of the experience. I know it might seem silly at first- but I promise, it's a powerful practice (remember, as you train your brain to become more mindful and aware of your surrounding, including your meals- you won't need trainings to help you do it! But the practice has to become a habit). Instructions:

1. Select a time and place to eat without distraction.

2. Choose a small food you don't require utensils to eat.

3. Have a napkin or a plate for this food.

5. Make sure you are as undistracted as possible (turn off phone notifications, kids occupied)

6. Play the recording and follow it's instructions (start at 2:00 if you have already listened to the introduction).

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