Daily + Weekly Practices to simplify your nutrition

The last post I shared with you six ways you can simplify your nutrition. These are the basics for beginning or continuing your journey of living your healthiest life. The point is not to take all of these points on at once, especially if this is all new to you. The idea is to step-by-step, systematically implement these different aspects of nutrition into your daily life.

So I thought it would only be fitting to go from macro (how to do it) to micro (practical, daily tips) for making healthy change in your life- without feeling like you need to overhaul it all.

1. Eat (more) Real Food

Daily Practice: Take a look at where you're already eating mostly real food meals. Is breakfast solid or are you still stuck in the cereal-and-milk rut? How can you make a lateral shift and choose a cereal with better ingredients, or add some fruit to the mix for extra nutrients? If you're willing to give something new a try, try a green smoothie or some egg cups.

Weekly Practice: PLAN your meals. If you're not doing it now, START. Just five-- but plan. This is one of the most powerful shifts you can make towards a simpler, healthier life.

Bonus: Choose one new real food recipe each week. Begin to create a Family Favorites list of the recipes you really love, so you begin to shift away from more processed options into more real food choices. On a budget? Check out my Healthy Mama on a Budget e-book for help.

2. Learn the BASICS of what is required for a healthy plate.

Daily Practice: Tune in. Begin to take a closer look at your meals. Are you getting all the basic blocks of The Power Plate at most meals? Are you feeling really hungry between meals (might need more protein or healthy fats)? Are you feeling super low energy, all day (might not have enough carbs at meals), or are you feeling a steep drop in energy 1-3 hours after meals (might be too many carbs at meals)?

Weekly Practice: Prep ahead just ONE item that you feel is lacking in your supermama plates, so you can easily add it to your meals. Is it protein? Pre-cook some eggs, make chicken salad or shredded chicken or make up a batch of beans. Is it veggies? Pre-chop or roast veggies to have alongside your meals.

3. Choose satisfying foods.

Daily Practice: Ask yourself: what would really satisfy me right now (it's ok if the answer is 'I don't know')? Think about the flavors. Is it crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet, smooth, creamy? Use these hints to choose what your body is most wanting right at this meal.

Weekly Practice: Take note of what meals hit the mark (satisfy you physically-- keep you full for 2-5 hours while remaining calm and keeping cravings generally at bay) and write them down so you can go off of these type of meals in the future. Prep ahead when you can to make sure you have satisfying options on hand.

4. Honor your hunger.

Daily Practice: When you're hungry, EAT. I know this seems like a "Duh!" piece of advice- but are you really doing it? Keep snacks on hand when you're out and about so you have an option if you get caught hangry!

Weekly Practice: Plan meals so you have an option on hand and meal prep your hardest meals so they come together in reasonable time.

5 + 6. Don't be afraid to experiment + add, rather than subtract.

Daily Practice: Journal (journal prompts here) when you're feeling good- and when you're not. Take note of what you ate and when (how long ago) so you can start to piece together what makes you feel good (amount of food, types of foods) and what doesn't. No need to include specific portions- and don't you dare take out that calorie tracker app. This is all about awareness over obsession.

Weekly Practice: When you feel like you need to make a change, make ONE new change a week. Sometimes you'll need more than one week to see if something is making a difference- totally cool. Slow and steady wins the race. This is a journey of discovery.

If you're struggling with ditching the diet mindset, I highly recommend tuning into The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast (Episode 3 + 4 are good places to start) and checking out the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating to begin your journey to a more intuitive place with food.

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