Finding Movement Through The Holidays

There is no doubt that as the holidays approach, schedules can often become more full. More tasks and to-dos get added to our lists. We may find that our own movement gets moved off the list. 

Finding movement through the holidays can sometimes feel like a challenge. Today, I want to arm you with 4 strategies to help you continue to move your body as the holiday season nears.

Movement can be so beneficial when times feel stressful, and if the holidays tend to stress you out, don't let your movement go to the way side.

4 Ways To Find Movement Through The Holidays

  1. Create a rough schedule of how you’d like to move at the beginning of the week. When we plan in advance, we are less likely to be struck by decision fatigue, which could lead to no movement.

  2. Try shorter more frequent workouts.  If the idea of setting aside 30-60 minutes a day for movement feels like it just won’t happen, try this. Move 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes after lunch and 10 minutes after dinner. It really does add up!

  3. Enlist a friend and move together! Go for a walk and chat. Find a new hike. Take a workout class together (in person or virtual). Movement is more fun when you’re with a good friend.

  4. Let perfection go, but also remember what matters to you. Is movement really important for your mental health? Don’t let that slide as life gets busy. Decide that you get to do this, and strategize where it can fit in during your week.  Maybe you say no to something else to say yes to yourself.

Remember, you deserve to be on your list!

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