Get Motivated to Workout

Staying motivated to exercise can be tricky sometimes.  Today is all about getting motivated to workout with 6 actionable tips.

Exercises is my number one stress reliever and it is important to me that I get to fit it into my schedule regularly. What exercise and movement looks like daily varies from a strength workout, or yoga, or going for a walk most often.

But, every so often I’ll find myself in a workout slump. I’ll skip movement for a day, and then two, and then three. . . and then I find it harder to motivate myself to get up and go.

Once you’ve taken a hiatus from exercising it can be tough to get back into the groove.

Here are some of the ways to get motivated after workout break, when you are truly wanting to move your body: Start Small Go for a short walk after dinner, do a few squats or push-ups while you watch TV, or go through a few sun salutations before bed. Just do one small thing today and maybe you’ll be inspired to do more tomorrow.

Try Something New or Develop a New Training Plan Not everyone has to run a half-marathon or love practicing yoga. Not every workout has to be done in a gym. Try something new — a dance video, biking, rock climbing — and maybe you’ll find something you love that feels less like chore.

If you love your workouts already, then putting together a new training plan is a great motivator to get back into the workout groove.

. . .and while you’re at it. . .

Ditch What You Hate If you can’t stand running, then don’t do it.

If you can’t wake up early to exercise, then don’t do it.

There’s no point in sticking with something that you hate doing because you’ll never want to work out that way. Once you’ve found a new activity that you love then forget about everything that you can’t stand doing.

Make a New Playlist Nothing helps me get more excited to move than some good, get-pumped-up music. Put on your favorite songs and just move.

Find a Partner This one is a little tricky right now, since we may not be able to get together face to face. But, can you find a virtual partner to workout with? Or to tell each other about the workouts you plan to do, then share when you do the workout? A workout buddy will help with accountability.

Set a Schedule, but be Flexible Scheduling time in your week to workout will eliminate the stress of having to “find time for exercise”. Be sure to schedule your workouts at a time that you will be most likely to do them. If you hate waking up early, then exercise later in the day. Find what works for you!

Of course, life happens and sometimes workouts must be missed. Set aside more time than you need each week to exercise so that if you miss a workout you can make it up later. Find what will work in your life, but also remain flexible as life ebbs and flows.

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