Holiday Party Survival

Ahh, the dreaded holiday party. This is a BIG topic in the Intuitive Eating world, because there are countless articles telling you the dos-and don’ts- of staying healthy around the holidays, but not a lot that help you navigate party by party, moment by moment- how do you stay sane around food around the holidays?? I know this was a really tough season for me, for many, many years. I sincerely thought there was no way I could 'control' myself around food, and therefore, I was doomed to overeating all season and ending up feeling horrible and defeated come New Year's. And I DID- every single year, until I didn't anuy more. But it didn't happen overnight. Here are my best tips for avoiding my mistakes and having a healthier, happier, more intuitive holiday.

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Things to remember:

1. The holidays only come once a year.

2. Health is about long-term habits.

3. You don’t have to engage with diet talk. It is OK to redirect, or even explain to them that you’ve shifted focus from rules to focusing on how you feel.

4. You have a right to say yes… and no.

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Party Tips: (I go into more detail in the audio)

1. Don’t starve yourself ahead of time!

2. Remember: you have permission (eat what you actually like!)

3. Use an actual plate- and sit down!

4. Do consistent check-ins + expect distractions

5. It’s ok to say no.

6. Focus on the experience, not the food.

7. Drink mindfully

8. Manage stress + emotions throughout the holidays

Remember: it’s just a day, and it’s just a season. Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to overeat.

It’s just a day, and it’s just a season. Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to overeat.

A few questions to ask yourself at holiday parties:

1. Am I hungry? Do I feel like eating? Just because food is available doesn’t mean you must participate.

2. What looks appetizing?

3. What am I craving? Choosing what you’re actually craving and will actually satisfy you is the best way to avoid unintentional overeating.

4. Ask: What would make me happiest right now? … Food choices shouldn’t correlate to “being good” or “being bad”. What do you feel like eating? What would make you feel your best?

5. What can I do to make sure I’m feeling my best? … What can you do to keep your immune system humming? What kinds of foods can you eat to keep your digestion regular? Focus on how you feel-- and how you WANT to feel over the holidays.

🎧 Listen to the audio lesson

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