How-to: Create a Satisfying Smoothie

We're talking all about The Satisfaction Factor in the Supermama Society this month, and in honor of 10 days of Smoothies for the whole family, we NEED to talk about how to create a satisfying smoothie! I developed the Healthy Mama Super Smoothie Formula four years ago because I wanted to give mamas an easy, nutrient-dense, balanced morning meal option that doesn't include expensive powders or potions to keep them full and satisfied for their busy day. It's what I drink nearly every day (unless I'm craving something different, which does happen time to time!) and what SO many of the mama I work with enjoy as well.

The simple formula?

🍓 fruit (frozen or fresh- start with a fistful) 

🌿 veggies (a big fist! greens like spinach or kale, or frozen zucchini or cauliflower) 

🐮 protein (use your favorite protein powder, hemp seeds or greek yogurt)

🍳 healthy fat (nut butter, coconut flakes, avocado, flax seeds) 

⭐️ superfood extras if you want ‘em! (Think: cacao powder, maca, spices, a sprinkle of granola, chia seeds, mushroom blends- the sky is the limit. make it yours!)

Get the printable formula, here.

So how do we create a smoothie that's satisfying?

We make sure every smoothie has the components of a satisfying meal! Simple as that. We're talking:

  • fiber (veggies)

  • protein (protein powder, greek yogurt, hemp seeds)

  • fat (nut/seed butter, avocado, coconut)

  • carbs (fruit, butternut squash, beets)

Of course, we also need a liquid to blend!

Then, we adjust. Feel like your smoothie isn't filling you for 3-5 hours?

1. Protein

Ask: - How much protein is in my smoothie? I'm not about counting, but you do need to have significant protein to keep you full. You want around 15-20 grams.

1/2 greek yogurt has about 17 grams of protein. 3 tbsp hemp seeds have about 10 grams (they're also a source of healthy fats!) 1-2 scoops protein powder has around 12-25 grams.

If you're only throwing in a spoonful of greek yogurt or a tablespoon of hemp seeds or only putting half a serving of protein powder in, this might be the culprit.

2. Fat


- How much healthy fat is in my smoothie? Did I just throw in a tablespoon of flax seeds, or could I use some nut butter or avocado?

3. Fiber


- How much fiber is in my smoothie? Did I put in veggies (spinach, kale, cucumber, zucchini, cauliflower)

You might need the extra staying power of fiber from chia, flax or a fiber supplement.

4. Fruit


- How much fruit is in my smoothie? Is it too much to balance with the protein/fat? Many smoothies are packed with fruit, and there simply isn't enough protein to balance the blood sugar effect.

You can:

- focus on lower sugar fruits (berries, stone fruit, melons)

- experiment with how much fruit you're using (usually 1/4-1 cup is good for most women)

Remember-- everyone is different! A smoothie is a GREAT opportunity to easily experiment with what combination feels best, to you. This doesn't need to be meticulously measured-- it's all about tuning in and learning the science so it becomes second nature.

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