How to Create Realistic Fitness Goals

Welcome to a new year! A new calendar and fresh perspective is a wonderful time to set and work towards goals.  Do you have a fitness goal in mind? Today, let’s chat about how to create realistic fitness goals. These are goals that make sense, are attainable and something that you are excited to reach for!

How are you going to create realistic fitness goals for yourself?  This thought just so happens to come up at the new year, but is something we should consider all year round.  There are definitely times to PR and go all out, but that isn’t really realistic for the every day. Right?

I want to encourage you to think about these questions below as a guide to your fitness goals.  I use these questions with myself all the time. I go in fully knowing that with my personality and love for fitness and working out, that I could easily go all out, all the time.  But that’s not realistics! So I consider what is realistic, what will leave me feeling good, and what is good for my body. I encourage you to do the same as we head into 2020.

Questions to consider when creating realistic fitness goals

1. What are you looking for in your fitness?  Is it to move daily? Have better range of motion and more flexibility?  Feel strong and capable? Be able to run fast and stay in step with your kids?  Win a race? I want to FEEL strong and capable.  Like whatever is thrown at me in life I can do because I move and challenge my body in a bunch of different ways.

2. What kinds of workouts do you enjoy?  What type of exercise do you want to try or have not tried? I LOVE fitness yoga (so I teach it a bunch!), lifting and also getting my heart pumping preferably in a group setting.  I haven’t taken or taught cycle classes in many years and have been itching to get back on the bike. I’ve also been adding running in a couple of times a month and have been loving that mental break I get during a run plus it’s a good challenge since I don’t run that often.

3. How many days a week do you want to workout?  How many days a week can you schedule it in and for how long?

I like to workout for 20-60 minutes a day because I just enjoy it a heck of a lot.  Realistically, if I’m not teaching a 60 minute class it is hard to fit that amount of time.  know that if my workout is going to happen at home, it’s typically 20-30 minutes. I teach 4-5 classes a week and love that accountability because my workouts are scheduled for me and anything extra I do at home is just a bonus.

4. Do you need accountability or can you hold yourself accountable to what you plan?  If you’re new to the four tendencies framework, I highly suggest you go and take the four tendencies quiz!  You’ll find out via the quiz if you need some external accountability to keep you on target with your goals, or if you can stay accountable to yourself.  You may know this already but it’s fun to see it on paper as well. I am a questioner and do pretty well with staying accountable. However, I truly believe that I do well with the accountability of my workouts being scheduled in because I’m committed to teaching!  If I wasn’t teaching, I would have to schedule them in with more structure because I know life as a mom at home can make it tricky to squeeze everything in.

Will you answer these questions along with me?  I would love to hear what you find out about your own realistic fitness goals!

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