How to stay active while traveling

Maybe you are set in a great workout routine that you love, and then a vacation pops up, and you worry that your routine might fall to the way side.  Today I’m sharing tips on how to stay active while traveling. I'll also share mindset shifts to consider because exercise shouldn't be something that adds stress to our lives. In fact, it should ADD to our lives.

This summer is different than any other that we’ve likely experienced. Vacations may have been canceled (I know ours was!), or they may still be happening.  Whether you’re set for a long vacation, or a quick weekend get away, staying active might be something you are currently thinking about.

Today I’ll be answering if you should exercise on vacation, what kinds of movement and how to stay sane about exercise away from home.

Should you exercise on vacation?

This is totally person dependent!  Regular movement is great for your body, but if you want to just focus on relaxing, connecting with others, exploring or even just taking a break from scheduled movement, go for it.  It’s a vacation!  Not regular life.

What kind of movement should you do on vacation?

Walking is fantastic! If you’re looking for something more targeted, this body weight strength training workout is great. Yoga doesn’t require equipment, so it can easily be done in a hotel room. Going for a run simply requires YOU! If you’re staying at a place that has gym equipment, take advantage of it if you want to.  Maybe even be adventurous and try a workout class in the area you are staying at.

How do I not stress if I don’t have time to workout on vacation?

You want to workout, but it doesn't fit in to the vacation plan. How do you not stress about it?  

Know that it’s only a few days, or maybe even a couple of weeks. There are so many more days in the year to exercise.

Try and focus on the people you are with, and the memories that are being made.

Explore the area by foot! You’ll naturally move more and build movement in to the vacation.

Plan activities that are really active - water skiing, rock climbing and wind surfing all require lots of strength - it will feel like a workout!

The bottom line - move if you can, and if you want to. Don’t let it stress you out.  Talk with a friend about how you are feeling if it is a pressure point and come up with a plan to have as much fun away from home as possible.

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