June Week 1 Audio: The Pleasure Quotient

This month we are talking all about JOYFUL eating. Embracing a pleasurable and joyful eating EXPERIENCE re-connects us with ourselves, brings more abundance into our life and makes eating a less stressful, more joyful experience.

Margaret Churchill, psychologist and researcher with a focus on food issues coined the term ‘Pleasure Quotient’, or P.Q. to describe, as well as evaluate, the complex experience of eating. “When a person has a high P.Q. experience,” she says, “The act of eating and the taste of food feel great, and it results in total satisfaction. A low P.Q. experience is defined by unpleasant sensations, low consciousness and, often, lingering discomfort, frustration or shame.”

What’s most interesting is P.Q isn’t just about the food itself; it’s about the eating EXPERIENCE. Even if the food is great, it might not bring you any joy if the experience isn’t pleasurable- and that's what I'll be talking about today.

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