Mid-Day Fuel (for moms + kids)

Lunch is SO important-- and yet, it is *SO* underrated! We spend SO much time thinking about dinner and how we start our day, and completely disregard the meal that fuels us for our ENTIRE afternoon. Lunch can MAKE or BREAK the second half of your day. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's not, and here's why:

  • Not eating enough (or worse, skipping!) lunch will set you up for mid-afternoon #hangries and oveeating snack or dinner

  • A lunch that doesn't serve you can create imbalanced moods (no one want a cranky mama!)

  • Not fueling well creates a lack of focus in the afternoon (aka when you're finishing up work OR getting the kids off the bus)

  • Eating too little, or imbalanced mid-day sets you up for overeating and binge eating a night.

What eating a balanced mid-day meal DOES:

  • Balances your blood sugar for stable moods, mid-afternoon focus and ENERGY for your kids

  • Allows you to tune in well and make better choices come dinnertime

  • Avoids evening mindless/binge eating because you felt deprived mid-day

Ultimately, a balanced lunch means you can be the mom you want to be in the second half of your day. So let's stop ignoring it, and start being intentional about it!!

In this month's videos (yes, there are TWO!) I am going over what makes a balanced mid-day meal for kids (it's back to school time-- we're packing lunchboxes!) AND moms-- so you can fuel your day WELL to show up well for your kids in the afternoon and evening time. Let's dig in:

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What Kids Need:

  • Protein (this is usually part or your main): animal-based (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) or plant-based (beans, legumes, soy, quinoa, hemp)

  • Veggies Fruit

  • Snacks

  • Don't forget! Healthy fats (often in the protein/snacks) and carbohydrates will come via fruit or whole grains with the main.

Encourage your kids by example: eating healthy is important, but treats are ok, too.

You'll find snack ideas, kids nutrition tips, my favorite lunchbox gear, recipes and more in the school lunch e-book, linked below.

Resource: Simplified Lunch Box Guide

Resource: School Lunch E-book



Moms need mid-day fuel, too-- so they can show up best for their families.

The lunch box template:

  • Fiber (veggies/fruit)

  • Protein (same as kids- animal OR plant-based)

  • Healthy Fat (nuts, seeds, olives/olive oil, avocadoes/avocado oil, coconut oil, high quality dressings/mayo)

These three foods:

- keep blood sugar stable

- stabilize moods

- satisfy + fuel you for your afternoon so you're not getting #hangry

Can you eat more dense forms of carbs? OF COURSE. But you want to check in and make sure you are having fiber/protein/fat-- this is the part of intuitive eating that incorporates gentle nutrition.

Notice: How much protein/fat/fiber do I need in MY meal to keep me fueled all afternoon?

The bottom line: mid-day fuels you for the REST of your day.

Resource: Simplified Lunch Guide

Resource: Make Ahead Lunches E-book

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