Movement Is A Mindset

Do you ever struggle to find motivation to move your body? That it feels like a chore that “should” be checked off your list?

What if you flipped your thoughts and changed your mindset around movement?  What if instead of saying “ I should workout”, you change it to “I get to workout.”

Movement is a mindset we can adapt. Movement as part of your lifestyle will mean that it doesn't have to add stress to your life. Instead, it becomes part of who you are and what you do.

That little shift in words (get to, instead of should), changes movement from a chore to a gift.  Movement is a gift! It is a gift to be able to move our bodies in ways that we choose. It’s a gift to have the freedom to decide how we want to move, when we want to move and for how long we want to move.

Maybe one day you do yoga and the next day you go for a run.  You GET to do that.

Maybe one day you hike and the next day you swim.  You GET to do that.

Maybe one day you lift some weights and the next day you do an online dance workout. You GET to do that.

When you shift your mindset to movement being part of who you are, it justbecomes what you do. When that shift shows up you see all movement as a blessing.

So the next time you’re feeling less motivated to do a workout, shift your mindset.  Decide that movement is something you get to do, because you have choice.

Change your mindset and you’ll find more joy in it.

Does this resonate with you? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

© 2019 by Kristin Dovbniak for The Supermama Society

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