Refresh your workout routine

As we head into September, and kids start new routines, have you thought about giving yourself a little routine refresh?  It’s a great time to think about our workout routines. Do you feel like it needs a little refresh? Today, I’ll share 5 ways to give your workout routine the refresh it may just be needing.

First off, let's start with the question, why might you feel like you need a refresh? Do you feel like you need more variety? That you’re getting bored with your current movement? That you want something new to look forward to? That you want to train for something exciting? Whatever the reason may be, if you feel the urge, lean into it!

How to refresh a workout routine

#1: Try a new class

Gyms may still be closed where you’re at, or group classes may just be limited. Don’t let that stop you from trying something new! Many boutique workout classes that used to only be available in person are now offering online classes. Try out something new to add into your routine!

#2: Train for something

Maybe you love running races, or hitting a certain weight on the barbell, or mastering a new yoga pose. It can be exciting to train for something, and meet that goal. Set a goal, create a plan and work towards it.

#3: Tag along with a friend for their workout

If you can’t figure out how to add a little variety into your routine, ask if you can join a friend for theirs! Chances are you’ll do something new that you haven’t done before. Plus, it can be motivating to workout together instead of solo.

#4: Mix up your workout days

If you are pretty structured and follow a routine, mix up your days. If you typically lift weights on Tuesday and Thursday, maybe try Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Or change your running day to a different day of the week. Mix it up and add variety by moving your schedule around.

#5: Give online workouts a try

If you typically don't do online workouts, add them in. Did you know, there are SO many amazing online workout options that will cost you nothing! Here within the Super Mama Society you can find new workouts to try. This month, maybe give the new 5 minute intense workout a try and mix up your routine!

How do you like to change up your workout routine?

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