This month in The Supermama Society: Body Trust + Tuning In

Happy Month of Love!

I'm so not a valentines kinda gal... though it *is* an excuse to go out on an extra date night with my hubby. It's also a fabulous way of thinking of this month- a way to love yourself through learning how to trust your body and tune in- trust being the foundation of any healthy relationship. Let's dig in.

Here is what is in store for this month in The Supermama Society:

Mark your Calendars:

February 3 at 8:00pmEST: Kicking it off with our monthly web class over on Facebook (the recording will also be sent to you via email, afterwards). Listen in live to ask questions and interact with me! Remember-- I am here for YOU. RSVP on Facebook for reminders:

Our Monthly Live Q + A is set for February 24 at 2:30pm est.

Download the workbook: Utilize this workbook along with the audio lessons and the monthly web class. Do it at your own pace. Remember- there is no right or wrong way to approach food freedom. It's about incrementally shifting your mindset, releasing control, embracing permission, learning to trust and tune in. Take these pages one at a time- at a pace that feels good to you.

Download Here


  • You can access all of this month's materials in the 'This Month" tab under Navigate on the main menu bar.

  • There will be a new audio lesson weekly- check your emails or the Facebook group for updates.

  • Office hours are every Wednesday from 12-1pm. I'll be present in the Facebook group, then, so check in with your questions!

  • Have deeper questions as the month roles on you want answered in-person in the monthly Live Q + A? Ask them here.

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