This month in The Supermama Society: Eating for Self Care

Happy May!

We’ve spent the past four months tackling big topics like permission and the restriction/rebellion cycle, recognizing the roles food plays in our lives, making peace with food, trusting our bodies, tuning into hunger, fullness and satisfaction, cultivating more mindful eating practices, feeling your feelings instead of turning to food and respecting the one unique body that is yours and allowing her to reach her natural weight. Now it’s time to begin to turn our focus to the food. Eating for self care.

Here is what is in store for this month in The Supermama Society:

Mark your Calendars:

May 4 at 8:00pmEST: Kicking it off with our monthly web class. This month we are switching to Zoom due to some technical issues with my previous provider. I want the BEST possible experience for all of you!

The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 349 531 826

Password: supermama RSVP on Facebook for reminders:

Our Monthly Live Q + A is set for May 25 at 2:30pm est.

Download the workbook: Utilize this workbook along with the audio lessons and the monthly web class. Do it at your own pace. Remember- there is no right or wrong way to approach food and body freedom. Take these pages one at a time- at a pace that feels good to you.

Download Here


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