This month in The Supermama Society: Tune in to your health


We are talking about our HEALTH this month. We've talked about intuitive eating, simplified nutrition, balancing our plates and how to make eating well easier-- let's talk about what it means to tune in to your health and make changes from a place of intuition (versus diet culture).

Here is what is in store for this month in The Supermama Society:

Mark your Calendars:

September 5 at 8:00pmEST: Kicking it off with our monthly web class over on Zoom.

The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 349 531 826

Password: supermama RSVP on Facebook for reminders:

Our Monthly Live Q + A is set for October 26 at 2pm EST.

Download the workbook: Utilize this workbook along with the audio lessons and the monthly web class. Do it at your own pace. Remember- there is no right or wrong way to approach healthy living.

Take these pages one at a time- at a pace that feels good to you.

Download Here


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