This month's theme: Balanced Goal Setting

Goals are DREAMS with a PLAN. What do you want out of your life? In order to make it happen, you need GOALS! But a goal should be YOURS and should be realistic and actionable for your life. So this month, I’m going to help you break down the goal setting process and help you create aligned, values-based goals for the new year.

This month, we're doing things a little differently in the Supermama Society. I want to get ready for the new year together, to support and encourage you in your journey to living your healthiest, happiest life. So you're getting your usual video lesson, audio lesson and recipe-- but we're going to embark on the process together-- with parties and prizes (oh yes!) ✨ Here's where I recommend you start:

🖨: Goal Setting Workbook

Week 1: December 1-7: REFLECT. Before we can decide where we're going, we need to know where we've been. Download the goal-setting workbook, but this week we are only focusing on the reflect sheet. Your task for this week: 1. Listen to the audio.

2. Use the reflection worksheet to reflect on the past year. Easy, peasy! Let's kick this off!

Challenge 1: Head to the Facebook community and share one revelation you had in reflecting, this year.

Week 2 (December 8-14): DEFINE. Download the goal setting workbook if you haven't already + watch the video. This week we are focusing on pages 4-5, the 2020 goal journal and step 1: define.

Challenge 2: Share with us one NEW thing you realized you value deeply, in working through defining your values.

Week 3: (December 15-21): ALIGN + REFINE

Vision board party! Join me at 7pm EST on Monday, December 16 for a Vision Board Party! Let's create our vision for the new year, together.

This includes the Goal Brainstorm (page 5), brainstorming the ideas for your goals and creating that vision board based on what you want to live in 2020-- and going through the align + refine sheets to align your goals with your values- and refine them so they fit YOUR life.

Challenge 3: Head to the Facebook community and share your vision board you created, with us.

Week 4: (December 22-28): GOAL SETTING

Time to work on GOAL SETTING! This includes the goal setting worksheets breaking down your yearly goals into short-term and long-term goals, action steps and check points in order to make your goals HAPPEN.

Join myself and Heather Englund Live in the Facebook Community on December 26 at 4pm EST/1pm PST for a fun little announcement + on what is in store for the Supermama Society in 2020!

December 30: The last Supermama Society LIVE Q + A of the year at 11:30am EST in the Facebook Community.

These last couple of days we are also going to create our INTEGRATION PLAN (last worksheet in the book) in order to make our goals a REALITY.

✨ LAST CHALLENGE: Head to the Facebook Group and share ONE BIG GOAL you're planning on embarking on in 2020.

You've got this, mama-- I believe in you, and I'm HERE FOR YOU!

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