Tips For Working Out With Kids Around

Maybe, like me, your kids are home from school for a little while. If you typically had a workout routine that happened when they were at school, then you might be thrown for a loop. Or maybe your little ones are always around, but you find it a struggle to workout when they are around.

Today I'm sharing 6 tips for working out with kids around.

#1 Have a plan for your workout. Know what workout video, or movement you would like to do in advance so that you're not having to decide while you're distracted by kids.

#2 Involve them! Kids will love modeling what you do. You may have to pause a little more than you'd like, but over time as they see you moving and exercising, they will model more and more and join in. You are setting an amazing example.

#3 Take your workout outside. Head to a grassy spot and let your kids run free while you do some body weight movements.

#4 Turn your workout into a game. Who can run faster? Do more pushups? Hold a yoga post longer? Involve them in a silly way where you both get movement in.

#5 If you can't fit in 20-30 minutes all at once, split your movement up throughout the day. It all adds up. 5 minutes here and there will quickly add up to a lot of intentional movement throughout the day.

#6 If kids make it truly impossible to workout with them around, wake up 10-20 minutes earlier than normal to workout. Getting exercise in first thing in the morning will set you up for more calm along with beginning your day with self care.

What are your best tips for working out with kids around?

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