VIDEO NOTES: The Satisfaction Factor

Hey there friends! I am so excited to have you here for another month of the Supermama Society. This month we are talking all about having a satisfying summer-- and this month’s video lesson is all about the satisfaction factor, which is one of the 10 principles of IE-- and it happens to be my personal favorite. Why? Well, choosing satisfying foods means you can reignite JOY in eating-- and when you are actually choosing foods you LIKE to eat, you are much more apt to make choices that serve you and avoid the accidental overeating trap, where you actually indulge in a food you like and feel like you can’t stop.

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What choosing satisfying foods IS:

Choosing food for physical nourishment AND pleasure (aka eating what you want to)

What it is NOT:

  • Eating something that will ‘fill you up’

  • Eating only fun foods, all the time

  • Consistently overeating

What not choosing satisfying foods does:

  • Causes us to want for more (that ‘on the prowl’ feeling)

  • Chasing Phantom Foods (that food we want but think we shouldn't have, so we search for a substitute- typically to no avail)

  • Often eventually leading to… The ‘What the Heck Effect’ (Where we eat everything in sight/more than we need because we've feeling so deprived-- when we finally allows ourselves the satisfaction of what we want, we think- "I ate the one thing, What the heck- I'll eat all the things"). Counterproductive to living a healthy, balanced life!

The intuitive eating book describes the satisfaction factor as the center of the wheel of Intuitive Eating with each spoke of the other principles affecting satisfaction.

This is why ditching diets and making peace with food is SO crucial to satisfaction-- we need to first ALLOW ourselves, without judgment, to choose what we ACTUALLY want, to allow balance to begin to emerge.

What choosing satisfying foods does:

Allows us to be more satiated AND satisfied by our choices and eat an amount that serves us.

There are TWO PARTS to satisfaction: 1. Physical Satisfaction (satiation)

2. Taste Satisfaction (satisfaction)

I get told often, well if I actually ate the foods I like, I won’t be able to stop. That constant ‘what the heck’ effect we talked about, earlier. This isn’t necessarily true, for more than one reason.

First, when you are choosing what you ACTUALLY want you are MUCH less likely to overeat on the food you don’t actually want, searching for satisfaction-- because you’re already satisfied.

CAVEAT: If you are not used to choosing foods you like, this might take some time for your body to adjust to and you may find yourself overeating your favorite foods for some time. Remember first, this is TEMPORARY. Your body is not going to blow up if you have a few overeating episodes. Not choosing satisfying foods and overeating on the regular (especially if it ends in that diet cycle) is going to have a MUCH more detrimental effect on your health and waistline.

Two others physiological mechanisms that prove you won’t just eat all the things forever:

SENSORY SPECIFIC SATIETY: eating enough of a food (during a meal) that our tastebuds no longer desire it. This typically happens within the first two minutes of eating a food.

HABITUATION: eating a food so often we no longer make it 'a thing'. It becomes less alluring and therefore we can eat it in normal amounts without over-doing it. The more we restrict, the less we lose the ability to naturally moderate our intake of fun foods.


1. Ask yourself- what DO you want to eat?

2. Ask yourself: what KIND of food do you want to eat? (Discover sensual qualities of food)

SAVOR your food

3. Notice which foods ARE satisfying (check in during a meal)

4. Tune into the staying power of food (power plate)

Three nutrients affect our satisfaction:

- fiber

- protein


Having these at each meal will help your body stay satiated, as WELL as tastebud-satisfied, both contributing to feeling more balanced and peaceful around food.

Remember, sometimes you will hit the mark, sometimes you won’t! This is all a part of the journey to finding YOUR beautiful balance.

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