Hey there mama friend, I wasn't kidding when I said I believe EVERY mama is a supermama. I mean, you grew and birthed a BABY, from your BODY (and even if you were blessed with a baby through the gift of adoption, raising babies seems like a superhuman feat, at times!). What you do for your kids? It is beyond. I know you're doing the best you can, and you want the energy to be the best mom you can be. Which is why I am SO thrilled to have you a part of the Supermama Society. I just wanted to take a quick second to welcome you and share with you all the Society has to offer!

THIS is the place for you, mama, to learn how to nourish and empower your healthy mama life, without ever going on another diet, again. Here, you can get access to intuitive eating based nutrition coaching with me, Kristin, without breaking the bank or even leaving your living room. It’s a community of likeminded women who want to nourish themselves and set a good example for their families and find balance- beyond food rules. This is nutrition, without restriction. Dig in monthly for: Monthly Themes (May's is Simplifying Nutrition) Monthly Nutrition coaching videos

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All to superpower YOUR mama life.

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