What does a balanced workout routine look like?

What does a balanced workout routine look like?  Last month we talked about creating realistic fitness goals.  This month we’ll talk about workout routines. We'll break down how often to exercise and for how long along with what types of movements to consider adding in.  Ready to create a balanced workout routine? Let’s do it!

What types of movements should be in a balanced workout routine?

When creating a balanced routine we should consider strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility training and mind/body connection.

Strength training builds muscle, helps to protect your bone, helps you have better body mechanics and it's great for life because you can lift things and move with more ease.

Cardiovascular exercise helps to keep your heart strong, improves your lung capacity and helps you reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Flexibility training can help reduce injury, improve range of movement, reduce stiffness and can reduce muscular tension.

Mind/body connection movement helps to reduce stress, build more self awareness, helps with breath control and general mindfulness.

As you can see, each aspect of a workout routine is important for its own unique reason.

How often and how long should workouts be?

According to the CDC exercising for 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity a week is sufficient for health.  That could be done in 5 days by exercising for 30 minutes a day. As the intensity of effort increases, the duration can reduce to 75-150 minutes a week, which equates to 5 days a week at 15 minutes a day. 

Workouts can range for 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on intensity. It’s honestly up to fitting it into your schedule and what works in your life!

Example of a balanced workout routine

Here is an example of a balanced workout routine using the workouts within the Super Mama Society and workouts lasting 30 minutes or less:

Monday: 20 minute beginner full body strength workout

Tuesday: 15 minute beginner yoga

Wednesday: 30 minute walk outside

Thursday: 15 minute combo moves workout

Friday: 10 minute breath and core work + 20 minute walk outside

Saturday:15 minute beginner yoga

Sunday: 30 minute walk outside

Find what works for you

While there are areas to consider in a balanced workout routine, it’s always important to tune in to your body, and your needs. Our movement needs can change from day to day.  Allow yourself to tune in and adjust as you need. You know your body!

I’d love to know about your workout routine! Do you follow your intuitive movements needs, or stick to a more strict schedule?  

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