Founder: Kristin Dovbniak

Kristin Dovbniak is a holistic nutritionist, cert. health coach and trained chef, but more importantly, she's mama to two sweet and spunky girls, 6-year-old Sage and 2-year-old Wren. She lives on an island off the coast of New England with her sailor husband and their 15-pound black panther Samson.

After struggling with years of disordered eating, digestive distress and hormonal imbalance, Kristin is passionate about helping women find their beautiful balance and finding freedom with food and their bodies along the way. 

She has helped women around the world with their health and nutrition for nearly a decade. In addition to individual health coaching and running the Supermama Society, Kristin is host of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast and is also a passionate writer and speaker. 

You can find her at her website and blog, Healthy Mama Kris or follow along on social media via Instagram (@healthymamakris) or Facebook

Fitness Expert: Heather Englund

Heather Englund is a YogaFit, Les Mills and AFAA certified group fitness instructor..  Heather’s teaching career began in 2011. She has taught classes varying from strength training, cycle, aqua aerobics, kickboxing, senior fitness, yoga, sports agility and bootcamp in large gym settings, small boutique, private one-on-one and online.  She finds so much joy making movement fun for her participants. Seeing the transformation exercise can have both physically and mentally inspires Heather every day to guide women to take the time to focus on themselves in this way. 


Heather is also the face and voice behind the website Fit Mama Real Food, the host of the weekly healthy living podcast Fit Mama Real Food Radio and the creator of Fit Mama Real Food on YouTube, where she shares quick and effective fitness yoga and strength training workouts, along with healthy living tips.  

Heather is a wife to Jacob and mom of 4 little kids, Hunter 7, Zoe 5, Nova 3 and Holland 1.  She lives in the beautiful PNW. Gratitude, nourishing real-foods, movement and laughter are a must, every day.  

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